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[24 Nov 2004|04:26pm]
wooooooooooah lol its been 4ever!! well im in a hurry 2 update so thats y im typing al funny. k neway..

life: is goin great wen im not @ skool.

skool: sux even tho i do c pat lik..ALL the time, lol. courtney is bein sucha bich 2 me, all the time!!!!! her n tiff r bffls now n dat SUX me!!

pat: is hott! lol. i luv him so much stilL!!! page70 is now playin gigs! iv ben 2 EVERY show! I LUV PAGE70!! pat is SOOOOOOO great @ guitar!! hes still teachin me, lol. him n kayleigh r still goin out tho :'( they r ALWAYS 2gether, 2. it makes me sad! when me n pat hang out, kayleigh just HAPPENS to show up whereva we r. then ofcourse they start makin out and like..rape e/o NOING IM RITE THERE!!! i always leav rite away. then pat gets all OMG IM SO SORRY! o well. thats the only thing he does 2 piss me off, tho!! o, and the fact all he talks bout is kayleigh..that HORE. I HOPE UR READIN THIS KAYLEIGH!

jake: OMG JAKE IS THE BESST! i luv him so much!! idk wo i lik more now..pat or jake. ppl r telling me jake liks me!!!!!!!!! WICH IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! hes my bffl rite now..wich mayb a bad thing :( o well hes ther 4 me. unlike pat..anymore.

i miss summer! it was ALWAYS me n pat! no kayleigh. sher courtney was in the pic, but still..he was with ME allt he time!!

my mom hates me. im grounded 3920587493076809567% of the time :( im running away 2 my dads tomorrow. he lives a few miles aaway...my mom doesnt let me go 2 his house tho. BUT IDK

kk my mom is home so i gtg!!!! BYEEE

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[10 Sep 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | depressed n lonley ]

lol i havent updated in forever!

skool started. i have most of my classes w/ pat!! ive gone to a 28489675 of pats band practices, lol. they r fun.

my mom grounded me from the comp a while ago. i FINALLY got ungrounded, lol. i h8 my mom! shes a dumass!!!1

ug, stephany n them whorez threatened 2 kik my ass cuz im a poser, lolz. ya..rite. tat would b the day! lol.

marilyn manson [sp????] is my new fav band! or artist lol i dont even kno how 2 spell his name!! and i bought 197583457897349587348 of his shirts, it seems, lolz!! pat is all..DFJGYTYERUIHY bout me likin marilyn. 2 BAD! I LUV HIM! but ifcourse, pat more, lol.

O, LOL TIFFANY FELL IN THE MUD B4 SKOOL! SHE CRIED SOOOOOOOO MUCH! IT WAS SO FUKIN FUNNY! I ALMOST DIED LAUGHIN! but OFCOURSE jake [next hawttest guy from pat! i luv jake..NOT AS MUCH AS PAT] goes n helps her! if i fell, he wouldnt have helpd me :( :(

k im gunna go

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i luv pat [20 Aug 2004|11:46am]
[ mood | confused ]

the pats few days ive been with pat non stop :D i luv him! i am the HAPPIEST person ever..around him. he seems so hapoy around me too! <3333333pat<333333

i went to his house the past few days. hes teaching me to play guitar!! hes so good. so is his band!

weve had a few kisses here and there.. <33 omg his kisses are TO DIE FOR!!!!!! i LUV them! and i luv his hugs.

i just dont see y he doesnt want to go out w/ me. it makes me sad

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[17 Aug 2004|05:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

pat just left. we had so much fun n stuff. i made him feel better, i kno it! it makes me happy. <3333iluvhim<33333

YAY! pat just called, im goin to band practice w/ him in about 40 mins :D :D :D :D

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[17 Aug 2004|12:18pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

pat is over right now!!!!!! im SO happy!! we walked around the block walking my dog, Zoe. SHES SO CUTE! Shes a chocolate lab. shes a few months old!! pat luvs her, wuch makes me happy. but we talked A LOT! hes still rly sad, but not as sad (about the courtney thing) but hes slowey realizing how much of a whore she is, and that she used him for wats in his pants (lol, pat told me to say that). she cheated on him so much while they were dating, but ya..he says that im being a huge help to him :D!! heres pat:

Hi people. Anna is the best! So all you mother fuckers who are fucking with her, you better watch your sad ass! I'll hunt you down like a hound dog, bithes! Anyway. If you have problems, ask Anna. She'll try her best to help you. It usually works too. Yeah, she's pretty much my best friend, her, Sean and Jonny are. I know you care so much :P But back of, hoes! Here's Anna..

im gonna make a journal for pat!! he wants 1 now. yay! so were gonna go to that!

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[16 Aug 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

pat told me the way i type is so annoying, so he doesnt like talking to me. so im stopping..ill type normal, i guess. ill do anything for pat, though. i luv him so much! and ITS OFFICALLY OVER FOR HIM N COURTNEY!! YAYAYAY!! hes depressed, though. i hope hell be ok...! he is suicidal :'( :-/ his ex (bfore courtney) dumped him too. they were dating for..EVER. he tried to kill himself. but he got therpy and stuff. tomorrow hes comin over, so ill take a peek at his wrists. hes a cutter, like me. i just hope hell get over courtney soon! i WANT TO DATE HIM SO BAD! i luv him just so much.


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[16 Aug 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

omgz! that guy from breakin benjiman is SOO HAWT! the singer dood..omgz im in luv! hes almost hawter then..benji..and PAT!! omgz I SED THAT?? dee, PLZ SHOOT MEH!


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lolz ppl r stupid [16 Aug 2004|12:03pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i went around lookin in communities..ppl r SO ugly!! i had 2 change my pants cuz i was laughin so hard, jk. but i was rly laughin lots. they just wish they were as goth as me :-P lolz

pat called me!! he sed him and courtney r in a fight, and hes scared. he didnt kno who else to call, and he sed he could trust me w/ his life! omgz im SO happy!!!!!!!!! grr the phones ringing..brb

OMG ITS PAT!! COURTNEY DUMPED HIM! N SHES MEGA PISSED AT HIM!! YAYAYAYYAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!1 but i feel bad..hes cryin. they've been datin fer..like..8 months..i feel rly bad. BUT NO MORE COURTNEY!!! :-D shes a whore, ne way. i bet u shes done the whole footbal team, lolz.


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[16 Aug 2004|11:48am]
join rad!
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[16 Aug 2004|10:51am]
[ mood | busy ]

hi im anna! i just got a journal! im figuring everythin pretty quik..but neways..im goth. ive been goth for a few years n stuff. i rly like it! the poser goths @ my skool tell me im a poser..but look at them! THEY WORSHIP THE DEVIL! that is SO not goth..unlike me.

wait..i think goths do worship the devil..dam. well..im not a hardcore goth like them. but mayb i will b sum day!

wells..i juss woke up n stuff. i dreamt about pat. i luv him! hes so hott, n hes goth! wich makes it perfect. but hes datin' that whore..um..i forgot her name. COURTNEY! ya, her. i dnt like her, at all. ill curse her!!

well gtg eat, so ill update in a few!

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